07 May 2015

JR Busuulwa- Lecturer in Development Studies and Executive Director of JR-BDI

Joshua Busuulwa is Lecturer in Development Studies with the Department of Development Studies at Bugema University in Uganda. A radiant scholar in development studies with more than eight (8years) experience teaching some of the following course units in undergraduate programs: Technological Development and Social Change, Development Ethics, Development Theory, Development Communication, Community Development, Environment and Sustainable Development, Global Political Economy and International Relations. This semester (January-May 2014/2015) Joshua is teaching Group Dynamics and Voluntary Efforts a third year course with about 30 students.

His studies include Development Studies (B.A. Bugema University, 2003), Development Studies (M.A. Bugema University in Corroboration with Central Luzon State University, Philippines, 2007). He is currently working on a PhD proposal (formally accepted) that he hopes will add to the volume of literature and current debates on the, Role of Universities in Building Indigenous Capabilities for Sustainable Rural Sustainable Development in Uganda.

He has held various teaching positions since graduating with a with Master’s Degree in Development Studies in 2007. He was appointed a Teaching Assistant in Development Studies from 2004-2008, Assistant Lecturer in Development Studies from 2008-2010 and in 2010 was appointed Acting Head, Department of Development Studies a position he is still holding up to now. As a Head of Department, he is responsible for planning and managing all academic programs in the department. This involves evaluating, proposing and developing new curricular in development studies and finding the right personnel to teach the different subjects. He is also involved in supervising and guiding undergraduate research projects and assignments such as field education trips and practicums with other faculty in the department. This is coupled with creating linkages and networks with agencies that can provide employment opportunities, field placements or research opportunities for faculty and students. It is also part of the duty of the Head of Department to motivate and create a stimulating environment for students and faculty to learn and advance in their chosen academic areas. Further still assuring the highest quality of standards for all services offered in the department is among the important obligations of the Head of Department. The quality assurance role is meant to be fulfilled in a routine fashion with continuous evaluation along way.

He is also a regular commentator on various socioeconomic issues in some of the leading Newspaper in Uganda where he specializes in promoting and enlightening masses about the scope and relevancy of Development Studies to Uganda’s socio-economic transformation.

Download JR Busuulwa CV in pdf format for more information.

Academic Programs:

Promoting Education for Sustainable Development at BU
Joshua Busuulwa is the National Environmental and Management Authority (NEMA) Focal Person at Bugema University assisting in the process of integrating environment and sustainable development principles in teaching and non-teaching activities across the university. He is also the Convener of a weeklong Bugema University Green Consumer Week (BUGCW) an annual environment and sustainability movement promoting green consumerism at Bugema University and the surrounding communities.

He is also the Lead Author of the soon to be published BUGCW report (2015), under the title: Education for Sustainable Development and Transition to a Green Economy: Documenting, Experiences, Lessons and Prospects from Bugema University Green Consumer Week.

Bugema University Green Consumerism Program Prospects
Through the green consumer week activities (6th -12th October 2014) it was observed that BU has a lot of potential for growth in line with environment and sustainable development.

  • It became more evident that for BU to set up a green consumer office to keep all records and information regarding BUCGW for future reference and benchmarking.
  • BU should link up with Climate Change Department within MoW&E to seek guidance and any form of support in building frameworks for climate change management at institutional and community level
  • BU academic units (Schools and Departments) should conduct and encourage more action and applied research in ESD and environmental sustainability
  • BU academic Units (departments and Schools) should work on corroborations or partnerships with local and international institutions such as UNESCO, UNIDO, FAO, UNDP and UNEP to further the agenda for ESD at institutional level and community.
  • Take steps to link BU to global partnerships for ESD such GUPES, MESA and Global Sustainable Campus Networks (GSCN)
  • Work with all government units in line or closely related to green consumerism such NEMA, UNBS, UWA, NFA, NPA to generate ideas, projects and programs in line with environment and sustainable development that can benefit society.
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