19 Nov 2015

This report documents Bugema University (BU) experiences, lessons and prospects in environment and sustainable development based on the theme: Promoting Green Consumerism for Sustainable Development. The report also highlights BU renewed interest in education for sustainable development as we come to the end of the United Nations Decade for Education for Sustainablke Development (UNDESD) framework and look towards the post 2015 ESD Agenda.

As an institution of higher learning in Africa with different nationalities represented, the Bugema University Green Consumer Week (BUGCW) provided faculty/staff, students, and the community, an opportunity to learn, reflect and take part in environmental conservation. The week-long activities, the first of its kind by an institution of higher learning in Uganda emphasised BU’s ambition to be a ‘Centre for promoting green consumerism for sustainable development’.

The core message from this report is that institutions of higher learning have a cardinal role to play within the ESD framework in reference to ecological restoration, proper waste management, sustainable energy management and promotion of appropriate/green technologies for sustainable

The report is divided into eight major sections showing where BU has been and where it hopes to be in line with environment and sustainable development. Section One provides the background and conceptual scope of the key concepts used such as sustainable development (SD) and ESD. In relation to the global perspective, vision, goal and
objectives of ESD are articulated.